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Freight Forwarding

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At ECS, we pride ourselves in providing excellent, efficient, prompt and secured worldwide cargo services. With the support of our trusted partners in air, ocean and road freight service, we offer complete custom brokerage services, distribution and door to door delivery. We can assist you in taking care of all import and export logistics:


ECS Project Logistics - ESC Rig Parked with a Partial Modular House

Cargo Import / Export

We are able to assist you in taking care of all of the import and export logistics:

Customs Warehousing

Pending on shipment locations, ECS can also support you by using our  privately owned warehouses. These dedicated warehousing centres allow us to do custom clearing and the releasing of shipments with minimal time and cost.

Critical Service Deliveries

For emergency or ultra-urgent movement of parts and specific equipment, ECS is ready at any moment to perform safe and efficient, time-critical deliveries anywhere in Australia.

Our dedicated vehicles, professional team and 24/7 phone availability means ECS is well-equipped to help you avoid on-site delays caused by vital missing parts or components.

We know that every hour counts! By tapping into our extensive networks in air services and road transport across the country we’ll keep your project moving.

Our operating procedures for critical service deliveries ensure appropriately safe and secure journey planning, including considerations such as fatigue management where single and dual driver options are offered.

Customs & Quarantine (DAWE) Services

All cargo entering Australia must meet strict rules and regulations before being allowed to enter the Australian border and heavy penalties are applied for incorrectly prepared documentation and incorrect procedures followed. ECS has a trained team who have many years of experience working with quarantine regulations administered by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE).

Our experienced team will assist in getting your cargo cleared through Australian customs and DAWE. Our team can also guide you through the process of importing, exporting, ensuring that all required documentation and procedures are followed so that your freight is delivered in the shortest time possible with minimal delays.

ECS Project Logistics - ECS Rig parked next to a ship at the dock.
ECS Project Logistics - A ECS ute blocking traffic to allow a oversized rig to turn through an intersection

Technical Advisory Services

Before any goods leave the point of departure, the ECS team offer expert technical advice on DAWE regulations and any necessary cleaning and inspection services.

Our dedicated professional team also travels the globe to provide quarantine risk analysis for specialised projects, break-bulk consignments and general cargo.

ECS offers a comprehensive reporting process that includes detailed analysis and photographic survey. We can also provide you with site supervision, both pre and post-shipment, in order to reduce the risk of a re-export order.

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